Thursday, March 02, 2017

Blogger Thumbnails Problem? A Quick Solution

Blogger Thumbnails Problem? well, here I am giving you a quick solution for our pro and free template users. Today (2nd March 2017) blogger changed their post thumbnail format (data:post-thumbnail). That's why many users are facing Blogspot blogger thumbnail problems. Their images are got blurry. Here are solutions.

Blogger Thumbnails Problem? A Quick Solution

Backup your template before start work for safety.

A quick solution for free users:

Go to blogger dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML and paste below javascript before </head>
 <script type='text/javascript'>
function bp_thumbnail_resize(e,t){var n=620;var r=330;image_tag='<img width="'+n+'" height="'+r+'" src="'+e.replace("/s72-c-k-no/","/w"+n+"-h"+r+"-c/")+'" alt="'+t.replace(/"/g,"")+'" title="'+t.replace(/"/g,"")+'"/>';if(t!="")return image_tag;else return""}

Note: You can change your thumbnail width (n=620) and height (r=330).

Now Save Template

Permanent Solution for Pro users

Go to blogger dashboard > ThemeEdit HTML and find /s72-c/ by pressing Ctrl+F and replace it with /s72-c-k-no/

Blogger Thumbnails Problem? A Quick Solution
Now again find /\/s[0-9]+(\-c)?\// and replace it with /\/s[0-9]+(\-c-k-no)?\//

Now Save Template

Happy blogging. Thank you.

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  1. genius bro. Thank You.. Looking for this..

    1. You're most welcome. Stay connected with us.

  2. it doesn't work for my blog :(

  3. again same issue. worked for me once but after some hours automatically same issue happened.

  4. by the way guys, blogger fixed everything. No need to do anything...

    Tnk to msdbd for their quick response to such issues...

  5. Thanks for share. This article will improve almost blogger user. Hi! Admin, Can share your this post in my blog site?? Although I added your credit.