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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Simple Recent Post Widget For Blogger With Thumbnails

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Blogger Simple Recent Post Widget

Recent post widget for blogger with thumbnails - is most important part of blogger. Every blogger must set the widget for his/her blog. Before some days i shared another tutorial for recent post widget and that was: Awesome Animated recent post widget for Blogger.
Today i am gonna to share a simple recent post widget without animation some of friends request. Before start the tutorial see the simple recent post widget:


Step1: Add a new gadget "HTML/Javascript" and past the below code on this gadget and Save it.

 <style type='text/css'>
img.recent_thumb {padding:1px;width:75px;height:75px;border:1px solid silver;border-radius:50%;float:left;margin:5px;}
.recent_posts_with_thumbs {float: left;width: 100%;min-height: 70px;margin: 5px 0px 5px 0px;padding: 0;font-size:12px;}
ul.recent_posts_with_thumbs li {padding-bottom:5px;padding-top:5px;min-height:65px;}
.recent_posts_with_thumbs a {text-decoration:none;}
.recent_posts_with_thumbs strong {font-size:10px;}</style>
<script style='text/javascript' src=''></script>
<script style='text/javascript'>
var numposts = 5;
var showpostthumbnails = true;
var displaymore = false;
var displayseparator = true;
var showcommentnum = true;
var showpostdate = true;
var showpostsummary = false;
var numchars = 100;</script>
<script src=''></script>

Note: "" replace it with your blog url.

That's it. Now enjoy the simple recent post widget and keep sharing our post with your friends. Thanks....
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  1. Bhai,Hoilo na to.Probably ei javascript link tai ektu problem ase.Kisu koren please.

    1. ব্র, আমি চেক না করে কোন কিছু পাবলিশ করি না। হয়ত আপনার টেমপ্লেট এ প্রবলেম আছে। আমি দুইটি ব্লগে চেক করে তারপর পাবলিশ করেছি...

  2. Shotti bro,Amio 2 ta template e try korsi.
    Amar ekta blog :
    Ar bro,Apnar recent comments t to thik moto kaaj korse.Tahole ae recent post er belai erokom hocche keno.Ami akhon porjonto amr blog e recent post add korte pari nai.:(
    Apni github nahole google code e javascript ta ektu publish kore dekhen to.Apnar sitemap ar recent comments er javascript tao googlecode e host kora.

  3. Tobe bhai,Apnar e dhukte gele amake ora bole The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address ( eitar jonno amar hocche na.Bhai apni github nahole googlecode use koren.Please.

    1. ব্র, কোড আপডেট করে দিয়েছি। এবার দেখেন...

  4. Accha bro amke ki apni ektu help korte parben.Ami Arlina fitriyanir template upload korsi.Kintu recent post er widget e recent posts lekhar por o recent posts show kortasena.Apni kivabe show korlen.Eta jodi ektu bolen.

  5. আপনি যেভাবে করেছেন সেভাবেই... recentposts

  6. Kintu Widget e recentposts lekhar pro o show korsena je?

  7. Thank you so much guys. it working.