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15+ Best Blogger widgets and Plugins 2016

best blogger widgets and gadget install now

15+ Best free Blogger widgets and Plugins 2016 - Welcome to our another blogger tutorial. Blogger's popularity increasing day by day. Blogger is the best and CMS blogging platform you know. It is the most powerful CMS nowadays. Maximum people choice blogger for it's easy customization. People can easily upload custom blogger templates. That's why maximum newbie blogger's first choice is Blogspot platform. In this post i will share 15+ free and best blogger widgets that are mostly needed in every blog.

Best Blogger Widgets

I can hardly says these widgets are best blogger widgets and gadgets 2016. Every bloggers know that, we can't add any widgets or plugins like wordpress. We have to need add any blogger widgets or plugins manually. Some people are always looking for beautiful and essential blogspot widgets for his/her blog. Today gonna to share 15+ hand-picked free and best blogger widgets and i hope that, these blogger widgets are may helpful for you and its absolutely free widgets.

Discover now our 10+ best responsive and SEO optimized free blogger templates.

Floating Facebook Like Box For Blogger

Sidebar Floating Facebook Like Box For Blogger

It's a best blogger widget to promote facebook fan box into your blog. Sidebar Floating Facebook Like Box For Blogger - is a widget for adding a like box on blogger in sidebar. Facebook like box for website or blogspot is a important widget to increase fan page like. You can easily grow up your facebook fan page like using facebook like box. This is the best blogger plugins and widgets to promote facebook like box. Today i am share awesome and beautiful facebook like box for website. This a sidebar floating facebook like box. When visitors mouse hover in facebook icon, then it Floating and open a like box from sidebar. This script i founded around internet. But i customize this script with CSS and get up an awesome look. You can add this code also any wordpress blog.

CSS Social Share Button for Blogger

Flat Social Share Button for Blogger

Flat Social Share Button for Blogger - install this social button widget in your blog. By using this blogger widget you can add share button for blogger posts. It's a best sharing button for blogger. Some users sometimes looking for facebook share button for blogger. But in this widget we bring some more social platform. This is simple social share widget for blogger. Sometimes some users looking for a unique, minimal, flat and simple social share buttons for their blog. In this blogger tutorial i will share a awesome and most popular CSS social share button for blogspot blog. A social share buttons is a important part in every blog. Its the greatest way to increase every blog traffic. When users are found your blog post in helpful then they will to share your posts on social media. In your blog's has a attractive social share icons, then they easily share your content in their account.

Popular Posts widget with Thumbnail and Auto Numbering

Blogger Popular Posts widget with Thumbnail and Auto Numbering

This is another best and useful gadgets for blogger. Some users want to customize popular posts widget blogger. I can hardly say, it is the best popular posts widget blogger and perfect for every blog. Blogger Popular Posts widget with Thumbnail and Auto Numbering - in this tutorial i will share how add a popular posts widget in your blog with Thumbnail and auto numbering. Blogger popular posts widget is a customize able widget with CSS. Thumbnail popular post is most popular nowadays. That's why you should use this blogger popular posts widget with thumbnails for your blog.

Email Subscription form Widget for Blogger

subscribe box widget for blogspot

Subscription box widget for blogger is a another best and essential blogger widgets. Feedburner email subscription widget can increase your blog traffic hugely. Email subscribe widget is most important part of every blogger. Do you know what is email subscribe widget? Yes! this is collect huge amount traffic for your blog. Today i am share 2 beautiful blogger email subscription widget for your blog. Its the awesome and cute email newsletter subscribe box widget for blogger that created with pure css with fontawesome icons. By using this email newsletter forms you can also use your social media links like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus, pinterest, vine and instagram social icons. Attractive subscription widget box is better for every blog. Our first widget is more attractive for blogger.

Popup Facebook Like Box Widget for Blogger

Flat Popup Facebook Like Box for Blogger

Pop up facebook like box is most trending widget nowadays. Popup facebook like box widget for blogger may increase your blog traffic. Targeted visitors are most important of any blog. Retention blog visitors more and more important. If you want to increase your facebook like then should promote your page in your blog with your blog's users. Then you will get more like from your users who visit your blog. Adding the pop up like box is most essential for get more like. So today i am gonna to share a tutorial about pop up facebook like box for blogger.

Nicer Social icons Widget for blogger

Blogger social icons with hover effect

Social icons are most important part of any blog now-a-days. We see any where any website and any apps, they promote their social media links with attractive social icons. In this tutorial, we take a look of creating a beautiful and simple social icons widget with hover effect for Blogspot Blogger. I already named this widget: Nicer Social Icons Widget with hover effect for Blogger.

Blogger Author Bio box in every posts

Blogger Author Bio box with Social icons

Some people want to show their author bio in every post's below. This widget is specially for his/her. Install this author bio box with social icons for blogger. Blogger Author Bio box with Social icons - in this tutorial i am share how to add an author bio box in blogger with social icons. By using this author box you should easily add author's avatar, author's bio (Description) and author's social media links.  For request of some friends today i share this tutorial how to install blogger author box.

Social Media Icons Widget for Blogger

css social media icons widget for blogger

I can hardly say, social media is a important part of blogger SEO. To promote your social media, you have must install attractive and beautiful social media icons widget in blogger. This tutorial help you adding a free social media icons in blogger. The best social media buttons for blogger i shared in this blogger tutorial. Some friends requested me that, how to add social media icons widget in blogger. That's why today i am came with 3 awesome style and fontawesome social network icons widget for blogspot blogger. By using these social media icons widget you may increase your blog's look. If you looking for a social media widget for blogger , then this tutorial for you. Social icons and social media icons is play an important role on every blog. It help you to make connection with your visitors. 

Weather Widget For Blogger

Free Weather widget for website

Hello my dear friends, hope all are fine. Today i am going to show a awesome widget for blogger and that is weather widget. You can easily add a weather widget to your blog using html code. By using this html code you can Create a Current Weather Widget easily. This widget from You know, accuweather always give better information about weather world wide. That's why we add a weather widget to our blog or website using accuweather. Ok, let's stat.

Breaking News Ticker For Blogger

Add Breaking News Ticker For Blogger

Breaking News Ticker widget for blogger - is a most important and popular tool for blogger. Specially News base blog's must have a breaking news ticker on their website. Today i am share the exclusive tropic. Adding this widget, you can easily shown your latest or recent posts one by one. This widget is help you to show recent posts as a ticker. In this tutorial i will show you, how to add automated breaking news ticker for blogger. Every wordpressian can add latest posts ticker by adding some wordpress plugins easily. But every blogger users need to do it by adding some code manually. In this post, i shared a beautiful breaking news ticker for blogspot blog.

Recent Comments Widget with avatar

Blogger Recent Comments Widget with Cirle Thumbnails - is a widget that can show recent comments. We add many widget for make our blog beautiful. All of them Recent Comments Widget is one. By this widget you can display a number of comment(s). In this time i share this widget. This widget is made with CSS and Javascript. By using this widget you also change the comment avatar size (Default size is 45px). This recent comment widget is fully different with other widget. This CSS look is awesome. Now let's start.

Animated Social Share Button For Blogger

Blogger Animated Social Share Button

Animated Social Share Button For Blogger with CSS - is a share button that is make your blog more attractive. If you search for share button on internet, then you found many results like AdthisShare ThisSimple Share buttonAddtoany etc share button for blogger. Those are mostly helpful and workable. Today i am share an awesome animated mouse hover social share button for blogger. This share button is fully customized with CSS. Using this share button you should add FacebookTwitterGoogle+Linkedin and Pinterest share button on blogger blog.

Blogger Author Widget with social icons

Blogger Author Widget with CSS3

Blogger Author Widget with CSS3 - in this tutorial i shared a author widget for blogger. Yeah! its a great tutorial for all bloggers admin. Specially this tutorial my helpful for who run personal blog. A beautiful widget is only for you. Flat, Clean and responsive. You should add 4 social icons with your links. Twitter, Facebook, Dribble and Google Plus icons. This widget will work with CSS3 transition hover effect. When you mouse hover on this widget, then it open other part. Its social icons part. If you wanna see a demo, look at our first widget.

Pop up Email Subscribe box for Blogger

blogger pop up email subscribe box

Popup email subscription or newsletter widget for blogger another essential widget. Using popup email subscribe box you can hugely increase your feed subscribers. Pop up Email Subscribe box for Blogger - is a blogger widget using jquery. This subscription form created with css3 and jquery. In this tutorial i shared how to add pop up email subscription box for your blogspot blog. By adding this widget, you should easily increase your blog readers. It's a better way for increase blog readers. I hope this fresh pop up email subscribe box help you to increase blog readers. Now lets start the tutorial.

Facebook comment box for Blogger

blogspot new facebook comment box

Facebook comment box is another popular comment system in blogger. Latest version Facebook comment box for Blogger - The Comments plugin lets people comment on blog post on your site using their Facebook account. If people wish to they can share this activity to their friends in News Feed as well. This comment box also contains built-in moderation tools and special social relevance ranking. There have been many facebook comment box in internet but today i am share the latest version of facebook comment box. Recently facebook developer update their Facebook Comment box plugin version v2.3. The main facilities are using of facebook comment box is, visitors are easily explain their opinion about your content and admin can catch his/her visitors easily.

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I hope that all blogger widgets are may helpful for you. If you found any problems on any widgets, then inform me on comment sections. I will assist you my label best. And finally you if you thinks our posts are helpful, then do not forget to share our articles with others. Thanks...

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BidVertiser Best Adsense Alternative for Download Site

a positive review about BidVertiser Best Adsense Alternative

BidVertiser is one of the popular advertisement network created by Bpath Company in 2003. It is a targeted Pay per Click advertising outlet and privately owned by the management team. BidVertiser best adsense alternative for every download site and it is a great and vast option for those who have been banned from adsense.It is a honest review about Bidvertiser best adsense ppc ad newtwork. Bidvertiser is great in the reality that not only do they PPC pay per click but also on conversions too, means that you have dual chance to make income, one from clicks and the second from conversions, it also can lead to a healthy income stream.

BidVertiser Best Adsense Alternative PPC ad network

Bidvertiser best Adsense alternative, and it can used in conjunction with Adsense. You can observe some of the Bidvertiser Ad is similar to Adsense but you can customize these ads to amend that. As compared to Adsense for PPC rate, Bidvertiser offer you the opportunity to get a decent income with the toolbar with a lower pay out rate than Google Adsense PPC. It’s meant to increase with time the longer you linked with Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser alternative of google adsense because it’s provide you the way if you are facing problem by Google adsense you can easily convert to Bidvertiser and continue your online business.

However there are some differences between adsense and Bidvertiser on a comparison stage, going to mention below their differences:

  • Bidvertsers Sign up process is very easy as compared to Adsense sign up Process. 
  • Fill rate of BidVertiser is approximately 100% but the fill rate of Adsense is 100%. 
  • Bidvertisers quality of ads isn’t very good but it has different ads type which is good for it, Adsense quality of ads are best. 
  • BidVertiser PPC is good but not the best and the Adsense PPC is best there is no doubt and questions on it. 
  • Bidvertiser minimum payout is only 10$ and it has payment method, Paypal, Check, Wire Transfer. Western Union while Adsense minimum payout is 100$ and the payment method is Check only.

How Bidvertiser works:

  1. Register for an account
  2. Secondly create and place your ads relevant websites.
  3. Run your ad on Bidvertser’s PPC-Pay per click advertising network to start getting new targeted prospects with in very less time. 
  4. Advertisers set their Bids for Ads to be displayed in Blogs or Websites of some particular category or niche.
  5. Bidvertiser checks category of Publisher’s website or blog and displays the top or highest bidders on his/her site. 
  6. When visitors click Bidvertiser ads, publishers earn money, they have a double chance if click turns into conversion.
  7. Advertisers get traffic and lead their business, on the other hand Publishers get paid for the area they allow at the end of the month. 

Available Advertisement Formats and Tools:

Bidvertiser provides several Ad formats for the advertisement to use and get the best combination, such as:

Slider Ads: Using slide Ads can increase earnings because these ads will display to the visitors sliding from bottom to top with having close button above the ad. Not recommended for highly professional websites.

Pop Under Ads: These ads are shown only once per 24 hours per user behind the active browser window, not recommended for professional websites.
XML Feeds: XML feeds can use to display ads across web apps such as Domain Parking, In-Text, Web Search, Toolbar search results.

Bidvertiser for Advertisers:

Bidvertiser best adsense alternative means a great alternative to Adwords if you are searching for a good value pay-per click option.
  • Many ad formats available 
  • You may design your own ads. 
  • Select the genuine websites that will show your ads from a categorized directory. 
  • Promte your Ebay listings. 
  • Geo-trading available. 
  • You have to commit to $5 every day campaign budget for each ad, however the unspent amount rolls over to be utilized for the following day.

How to Earn More Money from BidVertiser:

There is no particular way to making money from Bidvertiser because Bidvertiser is a Pay Per Click Network, but here going to share some tips and tricks those are really useful for receiving more clicks and you can earn more money with the same traffic you are receiving on your blog.

Below Title of the Blog Post:
For getting more clicks one of the best place is putting ads below blog post title, the reason is almost 99% readers of your blog must see that place, it means the advertiser company displaying ads relevant to your blog post content then you get more chance of clicks.

At the Bottom of the Blog Post:
One more good area where the eyes of the readers move on about to 80% is at the bottom of the blog post, here if readers of your blog posts see the related ads on this place, and the ads are according to readers choice than your click rate would be much higher.

In Side Bar Area:
The reader’s attention on the side bar is about 60% times, it is also good opportunity for you, if you add promoting affiliate products in this area than you can get clicks and most of the time it will give you the best result.

In Between the Blog Post:
This is the amazing place to place code of ads network, it is because if you are presenting great and best content in your blog post then it may cause of getting more traffic is much more and more traffic as compared to more click. This area is 100% in the reader’s attention area, they see your ads means a golden way to catch more clicks.

Top 10 Points About Bidvertiser Ad Network:

Bidvertiser best adsens alternative due to its some leading points which make it more easy and workable, here is top 10 positive points about Bidvertiser Ad Network.

1. Bidvertiser Ad Network has very fast approval process.
2. Bidvertiser is one of the oldest advertising networks.
3. Its installation of code is very easy and you find wide variety of sizes in option to choose.
4. Through Paypal your maximum payment is 10$ but 100$ through cheque.
5. More than 56k websites or blog are linked to Bidvertiser.
6. Bidvertiser Alexa rank is best.
7. Monthly payment process and more special is Bidvertiser is legit network.
8. Through your blog, bonus for getting more conversion rate.
9. Disable of account is quite rare.
10. PPC Pay Per Click is sometimes more than 2$.

You can choose Bidvertser if:

  • If you are banned from Adsense or you are having approval problem.
  • If you have new blog or website.
  • If you have wix, warez or siterubix site.
  • If you have hosted at a sub-domain.
  • If you want to make money from your blog.
  • If you want to use an additional money for your sites expenses.

Overview Bidvertiser

Make money from clicks and conversions
You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad, and an extra revenue if the click turns into conversion. Our goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space, by letting advertisers bid on your ad space. We pay monthly, either by check, wire or instantly through PayPal with a minimum of only $10

Always have the highest bidders displayed on your website
BidVertiser will always display the highest bidders on your site, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time.

Have your bidding steadily improved over time
You will see a constant improvement in your bidding over time, as both your visitors and our advertisers will be exposed to the opportunity of bidding against each other on your ad space.

Customize the layout of your ads
BidVertiser gives you a simple point-and-click tool to help you customize the layout of the ads to fit your site's look and feel, in order to retain the high quality of your website.

Generate detailed reports to monitor your ads performance
Use the Publisher Center to generate detailed online reports to monitor your ads performance, including the number of page impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and the total amount you've earned.

Final Words
Bidvertiser is a good legit network , you can make money online from your websites or blogs, if you are still not using it then start using it, because it will help you to make money from your advertising networks, Bidvertiser provide variety of ad formats with good payment.

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Sure APK - Responsive Blogger Template

Free download Sure APK Blogger Template

Guys, MS back with his own style. Here is another android apps sharing blogspot template. Sure APK is a responsive creative and fast loading blogger template. You know guys, msdesignbd always develop unique and creative blogger templates. Our last apps sharing template was Blue APK. After that, now we're sharing another template for who running a apk apps sharing blog with blogspot platform.

Sure APK is a fast loading and SEO Optimized blogger template that can make easy your user experience. In this template we added 4 home layout box. You can add 4 recent post box by specific label.

Sure APK Android Apps sharing blogger template

Sure apk blogger template developed with some awesome features. This is pure responsive designed blogger template. On homepage we added 4 home layout box. You can add 4 specific label post on homepage. 

Mobile Friendly Blogger Template

You know, most of visitors are comes from mobile on that type of blog. So its become very important to use responsive and mobile friendly blogger template. Sure apk is pure and 100% responsive blogger template. That is compatible with all kind of smartphone device. Check here mobile friendly test report.

Search Engine Optimized Blogger Template

Sure apk is 100% SEO Optimized blogger template, That will help you to rank fast on SERP. It is very important fact to use Search Engine Optimized blogger template. Msdesignbd always develop SEO Optimized free blogger templates

Sure APK - Responsive Blogger Template

Unlimited Colors Option

Our blogger templates are very easy to customize without any coding knowledge. You can change full template color with one color. You can use Blogger Template Designer Option on Sure APK Blogger Template. For Change template color go to Template > Customize > Advance 

Sure APK Blogger Template Unlimited colors

Features of Sure APK Blogger Template

  • Responsive (Check)
  • SEO Optimized (Check)
  • Testing Tool Validator (Check)
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Fast Loading
  • Adsens Ready
  • Featured Apps Widget
  • Featured Games Widget
  • Two More Home Layout Box
  • Recent Posts Widget
  • Responsive Ad Slots
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Related Posts
  • Google Play and Download Buttons
  • And much more

If you have any question any about premium version then Contact us. You can also communicate with us by comment your questions on comment box. Thankful:

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Relish - Responsive Blog Style Blogspot Template

Best responsive blog style blogger template Relish

Hello guys, now we're sharing another best blog style blogspot template. You know, msdesignbd always share awesome and creative blogger templates. Now we're sharing another best and premium template for you, if you running a blog on blogger platform then you should try this awesome and minimalist blogger template.

Relish is a fully responsive and SEO Optimized blog style blogger template. Relish is another best blogging template by MS Design. If you running a blogging site, then we recommended you for using this blogger template.

Relish - Best blog style premium blogspot template

Relish blogspot template is a 100% responsive blogger template that compatible with all device. This is very easy to customize this template with one click. You can apply Unlimited colors and 100+ Google Fonts from Blogger Template Designer Option. It have some awesome features. You can easily customize this template without any coding knowledge.

100% Pure Responsive Design 

Relish is highly optimized pure responsive designed blogspot template, that is compatible with all kind of smartphone device. Mobile friendly template are most important for SERP. Relish is mobile friendly and user friendly blogspot premium template that will make your blog more fast.

Unlimited Colors Option

This is very simple way to change whole template color with one click. You can change any section color with one by using Relish blogspot template. Here is lots of option to change template section color from Blogger template designer.

Relish unlimited color option blogger template

100+ Google Fonts

You have need to go Edit HTML option to change anything on this template. First time we used 100+ Google Fonts on Relish Blogger template. You can change any section's font from Blogger Template designer easily. Hope guys, all are features of this template you will like. 

Relish 100+ Google Fonts options

Some Features of Blogspot Template

  • Fully Responsive Design (Check)
  • SEO Optimized
  • Testing Tool Validator (Check)
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Drop down menu
  • Social Icons
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 100+ Google Fonts
  • Ads Ready
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Related Posts
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Search Box
  • Custom 404 Error page
  • Much more

Monday, June 13, 2016

Songbad52 - Professional Bangla Newspaper Blogger Template

Professional bangla newspaper blogger template

After long time, we are going to publish another Bangla Newspaper blogger template. This release only for all Bangladeshi users. After success of releasing Songbad71, now we are publishing another new template. This template is only for who want to make a professional bangla newspaper site with blogspot platform.

Yes, it is possible to make a responsive newspaper site with blogspot. Songbad52 is a professional, high quality, responsive, Search engine friendly and mobile friendly bangla newspaper blogger template. MS Design always publish creative and SEO friendly blogger template with low price. Songbad52 is a premium newspaper template for blogger.

Songbad52 - Best Premium Bangla Newspaper Blogger Template

We hardly applied some special features on this Bangla Newspaper blogger template. We made it with some important ad slot. Proper advertisement ad slot is very important part of your revenue. We add 5 responsive advertisement ad slot on this template for increase your blog revenue. This is top label and high quality newspaper template for Bangladeshi news portal. If you want run a newspaper blog with blogger, then you should use this template for your blog.

Songbad52 is similar with News52 blogger template. On this template we use some extra script for make this template more perfect, better and pretty. On top bar, we used Breaking news ticker with social icons, search bar and Bengali date. On homepage you can use 11 posts box with different style. Recent post slider is also available.

Mobile friendly Newspaper Template

Responsive and mobile friendly is very important for every blog and it is too much important when it come news portal site. Songbad52 is 100% pure responsive and mobile friendly newspaper blogger template. We optimized this template for all kind of mobile device. So this is template is compatible with all kind of smartphone device.

Songbad52 - Professional Bangla Newspaper Blogger Template

Professional Newspaper Blogger Template

Songbad52 is a professional Newspaper blogger template for Bangla news portal. It is best template for Bangladeshi newspaper site. It is very easy to customize this template. Drag and drop admin panel and one click color change. Hope it will be perfect template for your newspaper site or Bengali magazine site.

Unlimited Colors option

You can applied unlimited color on Songbad52 blogger template. MS Design always develop easy blogger template that anyone can edit without any coding knowledge. We used Blogger Template designer option on this template. You can change whole template color with one click.

Songbad52 - Professional Bangla Newspaper Blogger Template

Some features of Songbad52 Bangla Newspaper template

  • Fully Responsive Design (Check)
  • SEO Optimized
  • Google Testing tool Validator
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Breaking News Ticker
  • Bangla Date
  • Drop down menu
  • Social Icons
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Ads Ready
  • Magazine Layout
  • Recent Posts Slider
  • Recent Posts Carousel
  • Recent Posts Widget
  • Subscribe box
  • Related Posts
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Author Bio Box
  • Multiple Comment Tabs
  • Search Box
  • Custom 404 Error page
  • Well Documentation
  • Much more

About Songbad52

Name: Songbad52
Version: 1.0
Template Language: Bengali
Plan1: Price = ৳2,060/- BDT (Template file and Lifetime Support)
Plan2: Price = ৳5,500/- BDT ( Template file + .com Domain + Full Setup + 1 Logo + Lifetime Support) 

Contact about sonbad52 bangla blogger template